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Hello....My name is Alo or Shoreangler. I am from Singapore.... yup...that tiny island in South East Asia. As this country is surrounded by water..beach fishing has become one of the most common choice for an angler. My type of fishing is all landbase. Either on the beach or at a jetty connected to the shoreline. So catching a fish is all base on individual method, experience and skill. This is a extended site from my main I hope you will enjoy reading both sites and enjoy the pictures as well! Cool

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Below is a video on some of my catches.




25kg Cobia caught at Bedok Jetty on 03 Feb 2007 and its the heaviest fish landed there for year 2007

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31-12-2016 - Long Waited Cobia- My Shore Catches 12

01-01-2017 - My First Fish on Year 2017 - My Shore Catches 13

02-01-2017 - Hattrick Catches 3 days in a row - My Shore Catches 13

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Some Memory Catch:



5.6kg QueenFish on 22 May 2007
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No Escape This Time on 10 June 2007
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Golden Travelly
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New Personal Record for Grouper from the Shoreline 16-02-2008

Shovelnose Shark 26-10-2008

Shovelnose Shark (S)




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